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January 28, 2008

What drew me to Kimkins?

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I was reading about this very topic on the Fascination With Kimmer threads at the other day, and it was funny because I had been mulling this over myself that day as well. (Great minds and all, I guess…)

So what was it that ultimately drew me to kimkins for the brief period that I did do it? I mean, I consider myself to be fairly intelligent. I should have seen that the plan was “nutritionally bankrupt.” What was the draw?


I kept reading about how people “weren’t hungry anymore” and “didn’t think about food all the time” while they were on kimkins. This was something that, at the time, I thought I really needed in order to conquer my struggles with my weight. I felt like I obsessed about food. If I wasn’t actively eating I was planning the next meal or feeling gulity about what I had just eaten. And when I saw the possibility of not having to think about food all the time, I think that’s what hooked me.

But you know what? It didn’t work. I still obsessed about food. I was constantly worried about how much fat I was eating or how many calories I had consumed for the day whether I was hungry or not. So really, I hadn’t gained any control.

Thankfully, I did start reading the Fascination With Kimmer threads and learned about the scam before I was in too deep. I have been able to move on to my old, healthy, LC way of eating fairly smoothly. (Unfortunately for some, this isn’t the case and they are still in a daily struggle with food. I only hope they can move past this and begin the process of healthful eating once again).

The funny thing is, I still think about food a lot. In fact, educating myself about nutrition has become somewhat of an obsession for me. But, I no longer feel that food controls me. By learning more and more about healthful eating I have gained control over food. I’m no longer obsessing about the food I’m eating and how it’s going to affect my weight. Instead I’m doing my best to make each meal as, or more healthy, than the last. I can do this now because knowledge is power, and with power comes the control I’ve been looking for for so long.



  1. thanks for your help in exposing Limmer as a fraud with a dangerous eating plan. The victory in Court friday for the class action lawsuit proves hoiw right we all were.

    Comment by 2big4mysize — October 31, 2010 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

  2. oops that should be KImmer AKA Heidi DIaz not Limmer

    Comment by 2big4mysize — October 31, 2010 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

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